Given the specific mission of the Thomisticum, the Core Curriculum will consist of about 60 individual courses, that will lead the student through the entirety of Aquinas' Summa Theologiae.  The individual courses are modeled after the division of the Summa Theologiae offered by the Blackfriars of Oxford, England.   

Generally, these courses will be short, yet intense, lasting FOUR WEEKS in length, and will occur three (3) times per week, at a length of 1.25 hours per session. 

Prima Pars
Prima Secundae
Secunda Secundae
Tertia Pars

The following courses will be taught from Aquinas’ Commentary on the Sentences and the Supplement to the Summa Theologiae:




The Institute will also offer a plethora of courses supplemental to the above Core Curriculum.  These courses will include language, philosophy, biblical, and other theological courses which are instrumental to the study of the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas.  Just click HERE to see a listing of our currently-offered Core Curriculum and Elective courses.