Aquinas’ Texts and Translations ONLINE

The Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C. has a very helpful site which provides both Latin and good English translations of the majority of Aquinas’ corpus of works.  You will enjoy this site.


The following site is more for the Aquinas and Latin scholar who can read ALL of Aquinas’ works in Latin.  It is a treasure of a site for us Aquinas geeks.


This is a very helpful site in cross-referencing Aquinas’ works with Sacred Scripture.  Again, a very helpful site, especially for those involved in exegetical work in Aquinas. 


This virtual library contains primary sources that are useful to the study of medieval philosophy and philosophy in the Scholastic tradition up to the eighteenth century.


Other Sources of Thomistic Concern

The Thomas International Project is an important site which provides a plethora of readings, courses, and lectures on everything Thomistic.


The Aquinas Institute of Wyoming Catholic College is doing excellent work in producing new editions of Aquinas’ works, which include both the Latin and Greek biblical texts of Aquinas’ biblical commentaries.  We highly recommend purchasing their beautiful editions.


This is a blog on everything Thomistic, maintained by scholars of various institutions, but operated by Ave Maria University in Florida. 


This is an excellent bibliography of good scholarship pertaining to the various works of Aquinas.


For those of you who are struggling through the Latin texts of Aquinas, here is an excellent online Latin dictionary to help you through the difficult words.  Enjoy!



We have prepared the following list of schools and programs (in the English language) which provide not only specialized studies in Thomistic Studies, but the pedagogy involved in these programs are such that the reading and understanding of the primary texts of Aquinas are what stand in the center of their curriculum.  While secondary sources should by no means be removed as means toward aiding our understanding of Aquinas’ teachings, at the same time, no greater way of understanding an author’s text can be had, than by listening to the author himself, in his own words, and in his own language.  In light of this, the Theological Institute of St. Thomas Aquinas highly recommends studying Aquinas’ texts in their original language – Latin.  While there are certainly many other universities which offer strong programs in the Catholic intellectual tradition, we believe the following institutions, in a particular way, greatly aid their students in pursuing endeavors which truly help them to become faithful students of Aquinas.


In no particular order. . .


The International Theological Institute – School for Catholic Theology (Trumau, Austria)

  • This is a pontifical university offering a Master’s degree in Sacred Theology (MTh & STM – STB equivalent), a Licentiate in Sacred Theology (STL), and a Doctorate in Sacred Theology (STD).  The graduate curriculum of the STM degree (Years 4 & 5) is composed almost entirely of reading Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae, and many other works of his.



The Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Rome, Italy)

  • Known as the “Angelicum”, this is another pontifical university offering an STL and STD in Theology, with concentrations in Thomistic Studies, as well as an LPh and DPh in Philosophy, strictly devoted to Thomistic Studies.



The Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception at The Dominican House of Studies (Washington, D.C.)

  • This is another pontifical university offering an MA, STL, and STD in Thomistic Studies.



The University of St. Thomas (Houston, Texas)

  • Though not a pontifical university, it nevertheless offers an MA and PhD in Thomistic Studies that is quite unique from any other non-pontifical programs in the U.S.  This program, however, is in Philosophy, and not Theology.