Since its foundation, one of the non-negotiable aspects of the Thomisticum is that all of its courses are to be accessible to EVERYONE - this means anyone on practicably any salary range.  Therefore, we offer these courses to you AT COST.  The tuition monies received from all of our courses go directly to a minimal, yet just wage for our Instructors, as well as to sustain the cost of running our video-conferencing platform, website costs, and other utility and supply costs - THAT'S IT.  We refuse to allow financial hardships to get in the way of you learning more about the Catholic faith! 

As a result of this, we are able to offer our courses at a tuition rate of a little more than TWO DOLLARS per day.  This amounts to a course that is well below the average cost of a Community College course!  The breakdown is as follows, with no price difference between a Traditional Course or Virtual Course format:

1 Credit Course =  $70.00

2 Credit Course = $140.00

3 Credit Course = $210.00




Summer and Winter Program Courses:


A two-week course (day or evening program):

These courses meet for 3-hours per day, Monday through Friday.  Therefore, they are the equivalent of a 3 Credit course.

Active and Registered Parishioners of the Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater:

  • Because the Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater has a special arrangement with our Institute, these parishioners may enjoy either program for FREE, with the exception of the costs for any required textbooks. 

All OTHER participants:

  • These participants pay only $210.00 for the full two-week program, plus the costs of any required textbooks.




With the exception of some elective courses, the cost of the required book for any course will be as follows:

ANY Summa Theologiae or biblical commentary Course text =  $24.60

(N.B. - Keep in mind, that if you were to complete the entire course curriculum on the Summa Theologiae, you would only be purchasing EIGHT books.  Refer to the Course Catalog to see at which interval you would need to purchase another course book.)




Should your course require a supplemental course packet, you will only be charged the cost of its reproduction, which will not exceed more than $10.00, and would more often than not, be around the $4.00-$5.00 range.